The main aim of Zanifare Films

Creating original and entertaining content

By putting the intended audience first we focus on producing products of both substance and style. Modern technology has provided us with the tools to shoot a 4K film on a phone, and most people have access to at least shoot video in 720p HD and edit the final film, what sets these films apart is the creative driving force, attention to detail and high quality cinematic finish which we at Zanifare Films deliver on each of our projects.

Script – finding the story

At the moment all screen writing is done by Ed Sillence, his approach is all about the planning, scrutinising, and execution, taking an initial idea and cultivating it into a story, which then goes through a process of questions (Does it make sense? Are there any plot holes? How could it be better? Etc, etc). Ed has a great ear for dialogue and likes to write original sounding dialogue, giving his characters a natural and realistic voice.


Cast – quality believable acting

Casting is hugely important and finding the right actor for the part is quite a tricky task, and is often a big reason why some indie films are so bad, we do tend to rework the script once the actors has been cast. Ed also reworks some of the dialogue with the actors on the day of filming, and tries out different ways of doing it, which gives a good selection of options in the edit. He also likes to give the actors the freedom to create their characters.

Production – cinematic, dynamic and memorable images

Once we have the script and the actors production begins. Whatever the budget, whether working in HD, 4K or RAW, on cinema cameras or DSLRs we can create a high quality, polished and cinematic look. Our focus is always on finding the images to best fit the script and tell the story, for Ed it’s about deciding on the style which will work best and produce some memorable visuals, and keeping this strong visual style all the way to the final edit.

Independent films – freedom to create

The biggest advantage of working within independent film is having the freedom to create, and with Ed writing, directing, filming and editing his films he can create a real flow throughout the project. Independent productions need to have tight control over quality, as it’s all about finding an audience for a low budget project, which can be tricky. We work in three genres crime thriller, horror and comedy, and have three separate departments for Zanifare Films Noir Side Entertainment, #zhorrorfest and Jocular Boulevard.

Film Production – feature films and TV/VOD shows for distribution

We are only small (at the moment), but have big ambitious plans for the future, our first feature ‘A Fool$ Game’ is almost in post production, next up is a horror VOD series and in 2018 will be working on a number of feature screenplays in various stages of development.

We focus on feature films as they are the ultimate cinematic format. We will begin developing 5 feature projects in 2018.

Our other main output is TV/VOD series, with plans for comedy shows and cinematic horror/thriller series.

We do also make the occasional short film.


Zanifare Films TV – Our YouTube channel

Zanifare Films TV will launch towards the end of 2017, with the aim of producing regular content, it could be viewed as a micro version of the content we make for distribution and establish out brand of film making. All the projects will be made by Noir Side Entertainment, #zhorrorfest and Jocular Boulevard.

Projects will be released in the form of a web series, these could be a series, collection of short films or a mini series (this will be a long short film broken into episodes).

It will take time to build up a viewer base, and the plans for the future is to have a comedy series running every week and then either a horror or crime thriller series.

Music Videos – creating something epic and stylish

Ed brings his style of film making to music videos, writing a story for the track and using a mixture of performance and filmed scenes to create an engrossing, entertaining and cinematic looking video. As we can handle the whole production and post production in house can work with smaller budgets, but also large full on productions. For enquiries please contact us at

Narrative Drama – we are for hire

We can produce your script, or write a script from your story or notes and run the whole production. So if you’re looking for exciting, engaging, dynamic filmmaking please contact us at for more info and prices.