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We love to talk films, so please get in touch to discuss any way we can work with you.


Productions                    Making Your Film

We can collaborate with you to create a script or work from one already written, and run the production, either using our own small foot print HD/RAW/4K cameras and equipment or hiring bigger cameras, we can accommodate anything you require. Also please view our post production page to see our full production capabilities.


Music Videos                   Story Driven Videos

Indie director Ed brings his brand of filmmaking to the music world, creating engaging and cinematic music videos, ranging from studio performance based productions to movie style story telling. We will work closely with the artist to create a story which fits the song, and budget, working on indiefilms are experienced with making various budgets all look cinematic quality.

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About Ed                          Indie Film Director

Ed is a very creative and visual storyteller, whose passion for film is evident on every project he is involved with through his constant need for the highest standards, eye for detail and hard work. If you have a film project or music video you’d like us to produce, Ed is waiting, always eager for his next film! More information about Ed can be found on his website, and please view his directors show reel below: